Neely Thomas Morrison BASH!!

In an incredible show of support, David Wheeler, proprietor of Cornermagic Gaming Center, and Chris Lewis, captain of the PigBlisters, have teamed up to make my retirement tournament unbelievable.

First Place

Will be walking away with an unopened box of Modern Masters!

Second Place

A box of Conspiracy!

1 out of every 4 people will win a door prize!
Prizes to include Premium Deck Boxes, Premium Sleeves, Playmats and Binders!!! There will also be a 3D Avacyn Restored Fat Pack Wrapper given away as a door prize!
This is on top of 3 packs per person to the prize pool and regardless of the turn out.
A person would have to be a fool to not try to win this thing.

$10 entry fee, August 2nd @5:00 at Corner Magic Gaming Center. Seating is limited to 176 people, so get there early, or Pre-register with Corner Magic.